Polyethylene (PE)

Reliance Industries Limited commissioned its first PE plant with a capacity of 200 KTA in 1992 at Hazira Petrochemical Complex. This was followed by the commissioning of another line of 200 KTA at Hazira in 1996.

Reliance has adopted the world class "Sclairtech" Solution Polymerization Process of Du Pont, Canada ( Now M/s. NOVA Chemicals) for manufacturing PE. The process has capabilities to manufacture both LLDPE & HDPE.

Reliance Industries Limited, markets its HDPE under the trade name "Relene". Relene HDPE is available in densities ranging from 0.941g/cc to 0.965g/cc & melt flow index from as low as fractional to 21. "Relene" HDPE is widely used for numerous extrusion & moulding applications.

Specially formulated HDPE Raffia grade has placed "Relene" way above the competing materials for this application. The grade has excellent possibility on high output raffia lines & exhibits superior balance of tenacity / elongation.

"Relene" HDPE grade for Wire & Cable is specially formulated to conform to DoT specifications on Poly Insulated Jelly Filled Cables (PIJF) for telecommunications & has improved thermal resistance, ESCR & good electrical properties. The grade has been very well accepted in Cable industry.

Excellent stiffness / impact balance & fine tuned visco-elastic properties of Relene blow moulding grades makes them the ideal choice for containers used in Lube oil, edible oil, cosmetics & detergent sectors.

"Relene" injection moulding grades are available in both UV stabilized / Non UV stabilized versions & are widely used in Soft drink crates, Luggage shells, Industrial moulding, household articles.

Reliance has recently introduced black HDPE grade for coating on steel pipes for transportation of petroleum products. The grade has excellent processability, abrasion resistance, adhesion characteristics & its performance is equivalent to leading imported grades presently used in the industry.

Reliance LLDPE grades are marketed under trade name "Reclair" & is available in density range of 0.916 to 0.935 g/cc & MFI range from fractional to as high as 50.

Butene / Octene LLDPE grades are designed with various additive packages to suit stringent packaging norms of various end use sectors. Butane LLDPE are used for heavy duty & liquid packaging applications where good physicals are desired.

Octene LLDPE grades are with superior mechanical properties & have excellent seal through contamination. Grades are used in specialty film & liquid packaging where exceptional performance on mechanical / sealing front is desired. Octene LLDPE films have excellent down gauging capabilities. Reliance is among one of the few producers of Octene LLDPE in the world.

Reclair LLDPE grade for rotomoulding is designed to get excellent balance of stiffness & impact strength. The grade has superior processability & has applications in Chemical tanks, water tanks, automotive components & toys.

High flow LLDPE grades with 30 & 50 MFI introduced by RIL have excellent flow characteristics & are suited for powder coating, lids, master batches.

The quality of Relene / Reclair Polyethylene meet the international standards and is being exported to various countries in Europe, Africa, Middle East, China and other Southeast Asian countries. All the grades are suitable for use in contact with drinking water, food , pharmaceutical applications & conforms to relevant BIS / FDA regulations.

With huge investments at Hazira and Jamnagar facilities, RIL is unmatched in its commitment to the plastic processing industry in India. This commitment has reflected in our actions such as new grade introductions primarily targeted at specialty applications, continuous grade improvements, enhancing quality consistency and productivity of Relene / Reclair grades, regular interaction with customers for feedback on grade performance and strengthening of distribution network and reach.

The proficient and effective in-house technical team in co-ordination with customers, formulate special grades with tailored property parameters to provide cost effective solutions to meet the needs of the processing industry.


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