Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC)

Reliance Industries Limited is India's largest manufacturer of Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC). With a capacity of 300 KTA, Reliance holds about 40% share of the Indian Market and caters to a wide range of grades from K 57 to K 70.

Reliance Industries Limited commissioned its Suspension PVC plant with a nameplate capacity of 160 KTA in Dec'90 at Hazira Petrochemical Complex. Debottlenecking has lead to capacity enhancement to the tune of 140 KTA over the years, thus the current capacity standing at ~ 300 KTA.M

Reliance has adopted the world acclaimed EDC/Ethylene process (Licensor , BF Goodrich (USA) , Presently M/s Oxy Vinyl . REON product portfolio covers a wide range of grades to cater to a wide spectrum of industries.

PVC finds use in Agriculture (Irrigation Pipes, Casing pipes, Pipe fittings)Building & Construction(Doors, Profiles, Plumbing pipes, Conduits, Fencing), Packaging(Bottles & containers, Blister packaging), Medical(Blood bags, tubings), Consumer goods (Toys, Footwear, hoses), Electrical & Electronics(Wire & cables, gaskets, keyboard), etc.

With 5 Regional Offices, 17 Area Offices, 16 Depots and a network of over 60 Distributors and Agents, Reliance has established the necessary Distribution Network to ensure superior Customer Service to over 3000 customers.

RIL is unmatched in its commitment to the plastic processing industry. This commitment has reflected in actions such as new grade introduction targeted at specialty applications, continuous grade improvements, enhancing quality consistency and productivity of grades, regular interaction with customers for feedback on grade performance and strengthening of distribution network and reach.


The PARC of Reliance Industries Limited at Bombay caters to the technical needs of the large and the growing plastic processing industry. It has state of the art processing and testing equipment to meaningfully service and support customers on issues related to grade selection, product development, processing techniques and end product performance.


Reliance Industries Limited strongly believes in being close to the customers. Customers are serviced by a professional set of Sales & Marketing executives as well as technical service team offering solutions and help to upgrade Product performance by suggesting and working alongside Customer's production units


The business development group constantly monitors the progress of processing industry to identify new business opportunities. Project Report are prepared and guidance provided on project identification, machinery selection and manpower training. Reliance's growth aspiration is thus firmly rooted in the commitment to the growth of its customers.

The proficient and effective in-house technical team in co-ordination with customers, formulate special grades with tailored property parameters to provide cost effective solutions to meet the needs of the processing industry.


Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC)

Reliance Industries Limited is India's largest manufacturer of Poly Vinyl Chloride

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