KTS Series - Twin Screw Pipe Extrusion Lines for PVC/CPVC


PVC being a heat sensitive material necessitates a very controlled temperature during processing. This is best possible with closely inter meshing twin screw extruder with relatively less power as compared to single screw. Windsor twin screw extruder's are known for the power optimization and are offered in the range from 110 kg/hr up to 900 kg/hr.

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REX 1500 Series (IBC) Hybrid - Three Layer Blown Film Co-Extrusion Lines

Windsor's 20 years rich association with KUHNE GmbH Germany has yielded another technological solution to film processors in developing world. Hybrid Blown Film Co-extrusion lines are the latest offering to the industry with German technology at attractive Indian prices. The key & critical components like Co-Extrusion Maximiser Die Head, Maximiser Air Cooling Ring & IBC control are contributed by KUHNE & integrated in WINDSOR- KUHNE Blown film Co-Extrusion lines along with features like automatic thickness profiling & gravimetric batch blenders. The same line was demonstrated at Plast India held at Delhi on February 2012.

The specialty of these Hybrid lines is to provide high productivity on small film sizes. Consider 1500mm line delivering up to 500 Kg/hr LLDPE Rich with 250mm die lip at Blow up ratio's of up-to 4.0 (BUR).

our in house trials concluded significant increase in mechanical film properties when compared with conventional Blown film lines. This helps processors to either down gauge or reduce the use of expensive polymers leading to a significant saving in input costs. Our calculations for a specific case of customer's recipe show a pay back of less than 1 year for the additional investment when compared to a conventional blown film line. This makes it worthy for its investment. Windsor enjoys a major market share for Blown film Co-Extrusion lines and Pipe extrusion lines in fiercely competitive environment of Indian industry.

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